EUC is the best URBAN TRANSPORT...No Parking necessary

If you don't know what an EUC is, it stands for electric unicycle. In this video my buddy and I make trip to the North end. He takes his Toyota 4Runner and I take my High Speed MSP Electric Unicycle. The goal here is not to show that EUC's are better than other forms of transportation, but that in many cases (provided you're in the proper age range (18 - 55+), the portable electric vehicle, in this case the electric unicycle is the better option if you live in the city and worry about parking, parking tickets, getting your car scuffed, towed, hit, etc etc, the list goes on and I wouldn't be surprised if everything mentioned above is why so many cities and road workers rely on us to make bad decisions in order to stay afloat. Our ignorance is there DOLLARS.... It's true that progress in general is a bit regressive in that, we first have to crawl before we can walk, this is why we see slow progress in any industry especially transportation. Everyday we see thousands of residents opt in to take the car or public transportation or both as they make their way to work. That's fine off-course because it's the safer option in many cases, but what excuse is there for the average young and capable individual not to find an alternative, effectively freeing up the roads and public transportations like Buses and trains for the elderly or less abled. That alone would cause less traffic jams and accidents and not to mention help with the added benefit of allowing you to live your life and experience the outside world in a way never imagined before. Car's, trains etc aren't going away anytime soon, but the arrival of the EUC and other PEVs in general is definitely a step in the right direction towards clearing up the clog. if you want to purchase a new EUC or other electric vehicle, click here for some inspiration.

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