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Gotway is a Personal Electric Vehicle company based in China. While they produce scooters as well as electric boards, their primary focus and biggest market is Electric Unicycles. With a primary focus on creating the best battery management systems for PEV's, Gotway has positioned itself as the number 1 manufacturer of High Performance and long range electric unicycles in the industry. While their wheels can be ridden by practically anyone, you will quickly realize that their EUC's are targeted towards high performance riders. Click here for more information

Electric Unicycles

Kingsong is also a Personal Electric Vehicle company based in China as well, however, unlike Gotway, their focus is primarily on creating the best looking, aesthetically pleasing and extremely safe electric unicycles on the market. From their strong sense of design to their extra level of safety placed on their EUC's, Kingsong has positioned themselves as the EUC with the best bang for your buck in terms of overall quality, safety and leasure. Unlike Gotway, performance is not a primary focus where speed and range is concerned, but they do produce high torque machines, which many riders have come to enjoy. Another part of their focus are scooters. Click here for more information

True to it's name, Inmotion has a plethora of e-vehicles in their stable. From Electric Unicycles to e-scooters, e-bikes, e-skateboard and even hovershoes, this company is all about being in-motion, hence the name. Unlike both Gotway and Kingsong electric unicycles, Inmotion is primarily targeted towards brand new riders who are just getting into the game of EUC's. They're wheels are neither fast nor do they have any significant range to salivate over. However, like Kingsong, they make some of the best quality and safest electric unicycles on the market. In addition, unlike Kingsong and Gotway, Inmotion's lack of competitiveness in the speed and range department prevents prices from being low; so unfortunately, you may find yourself purchasing a less capable wheel for a much higher price than it's counterparts, which offer way more performance at a more competitive rate. Click here for more information

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