U-Stride is all about electric unicycles, which is the newest form of personal electric transportation. Some people use it as a last mile device and some use it as a primary form of transportation. We here at U-Stride focus on helping new and advanced riders learn more about their wheel. Jediah Owner and Founder of U-Stride, has been riding electric unicycles for about 3 years now, starting with the Inmotion V5 then moving to the Inmotion V5F, then unto the Gotway Tesla and a few more advances wheels beyond that. We realize that owning an electric unicycle is a very expensive affair, not to mention it's not possible to return them once purchased. It's our job to make the process from beginner to advanced an easy and enjoyable experience, minus the uncertainty of purchasing something you might not even like. We offer the opportunity not only to learn how to ride one but also the opportunity to rent one before desciding which device you would like to purchase. We really hope this site offers everything you will need to jump confidently into this new mode of transportation. Check out our YouTube channel and let us know what you think. 


Jediah Matthew

Founder & CEO

Jediah loves Electric Unicycles and created U-Stride to help new and advanced riders understand their wheels a lot better. In addition he created U-Stride rentals offering riders the ability to rent wheels both from U-Stride directly and via an online marketplace.

Catiza Mendes

Head of Advertising

Catiza Mendes loves Electric Unicycles and offers very creative ways in sharing the news of this amazing and fun new way of traveling. Her absolute passion for a more sustainable method of transportation is what drives her everyday to share the good news of Personal Electric Vehicles.

Yves MaCean

Head of Marketing

Yves MaCean loves Electric Unicycles and is a master at marketing new technology. Especially in today's climate where social distancing is of the utmost importance, his marketing abilities in this field is paramount where others can really see the value of owning and personal electric vehicle, either as a last mile device or as a primary method of transportation.


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