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Support U-Stride and the Electric Unicycle (EUC) Community by purchasing this T-Shirt. Knowing your wheel is one of the most important things for an EUC owner. Every wheel has a limit and knowing that limit will allow you to know enjoy your machine a lot more and ride with confidence. Enjoy your purchase and thanks for representing the EUC community. 

Support U-Stride and the Electric Unicycle (EUC) community by purchasing this T-Shirt. The Veteran Sherman is the best example of what a company can accomplish when they pay attention to their users. Although not the best for portability due to it's weight, or features for lack of speakers, cutoff switch etc. The Sherman Veteran is a wheel designed with the Veteran rider in mind. With a claimed top speed of 45mph (at about 20-30mph) and an estimated range of 90miles, this EUC now stands to be the King of electric unicycle market. Enjoy your purchase and thanks for representing the EUC community.

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By purchasing this u-stride T-Shirt, you are showing support for the channel and helping others become more aware of electric unicycles. The best form of personal electric vehicles yet. Thanks for your support and enjoy your purchase. Visit to learn more and see you in the next video. Happy riding 


Riding an EUC properly requires you to know your wheel. Know it's limits, it's potential, it's riding dynamics and various speeds, knowing the specs etc, the list is long. However, with knowledge and experience of your electric unicycle makes for a much better well rounded rider. KYW